Welcome to the official site of the
Annual Unofficial CarolinaCon Shootout!

The Shootout is back AGAIN? AW YEAH! AGAIN AND AGAIN!
Let me just start by giving a shout out to the attendees from previous years. Thanks for all the help and support to keep this event going. You all are what make the difference. To all newcomers, thanks for the interest and I hope you leave with a better understanding of firearms than you came with.

So on to the meat and potatoes. The shootout is a yearly, unofficial chance for skilled gun users/owners and complete noobs that share the same type of infosec and gunpowder ideals to get together and have a great time before the start of Carolinacon. I created this event due to the fact that I can literally never make it to the Defcon shoot (i swear i will one day!). Here are some quick FAQs that should give you a good heads up on what to expect:

I've never shot a gun before. Should I still come?
You are certainly welcome to come as long as you are not literally scared shitless of guns. We have had people attend who never held a gun in their lives walk away with a smile on their face after the event.

What if I have shot a gun before and I just didn't bring one?
Then be polite and bring ammunition, food, or both :P

Should I carpool from the hotel to the range?

Where should I leave all my political opinions?
At the fucking door of your house. Seriously.

Is there a chance of the SWAT team showing up? I heard something about that.
Nope. Those days are over. ;)

Will there be a barbeque afterwards?
It depends on how much time is left after shooting. This has varied from year to year.

Why don't the links in the navigation bar ever work?
That's a good question.