Welcome to the official site of the
Annual Unofficial Cackalackycon Shootout!

The Annual Unofficial Cackalackycon Shootout is on for 2019!
Thanks for your continued support! Back and slightly less ghetto! STILL WITHA DA FLAVOR

Here are some quick FAQs that should give you a good heads up on what to expect:

I've never touched a firearm before. Should I still attend?
- You are certainly welcome to come as long as you are not literally scared shitless of guns. The majority of us are there not just to have fun, but to teach, help, and promote firearms safety and awareness. Almost every year now someone new to firearms attends, then leaves with a new perspective.

I'm not bringing a firearm, so what should I bring?
- Ammunition (ask) or maybe food for a BBQ? lol

Should I carpool from the hotel to the range?
- Absolutely.

Where should I leave all my political opinions?
- At the fucking door of your house. Seriously.

Is there a chance of the SWAT team showing up? I heard something about that.
- So some backstory if you are actually interested in why this happened, and it did, twice. ;)
I learned that an event like this is hard to find a venue for sometimes. I called every shooting range within a pretty reasonable proximity to the conference asking about potentially 15-30 people showing up and the nature of the event. "They say no" -General Maximus. They all said no. I felt this event still needed to happen despite this, so I just brought everyone out in the country where my friends and I would normally shoot. I got permission from all the neighbors and the second year I even called the police dispatcher twice before we even got there and left my name and cell number with the location. The first year they did actually have guns drawn and came out of the woods from different directions, the second year they had just blockaded the dirt road. Both times the cops were actually pretty chill though. I'm sure when they came out of the woods the first year they were pretty shocked lol. They pretty much told us to stop, asked if anyone had felonies and left. Then we had a bbq. The second year they told us not to come back :) The third year I was admittedly a little stressed and almost ready to throw my hands in the air, but an attendee from the year before, branson, wanted the event to go on so he found a range and coordinated with me. And we pulled that shit off again. PSR37 has been accommodating us ever since and knows us as "the hackers" :)

Will there be a barbeque afterwards?
- Shit, maybe? probably not. we haven't had one in a while, but hit me up with solid ideas and we might.

Why don't the links in the navigation bar ever work?
- They still don't. Mmmm... yeah, you like that huh?