Welcome to the official site of the
Annual Unofficial CarolinaCon Shootout!

The Shootout is back AGAIN? Barely, but motherfucking yes.
Due to some recent life changes I am slacking on getting this event going this year. Deviant has agreed to take the reins this year, so please bear with us. :)

Here are some quick FAQs that should give you a good heads up on what to expect:

I've never shot a gun before. Should I still come?
You are certainly welcome to come as long as you are not literally scared shitless of guns. We have had people attend who never held a gun in their lives walk away with a smile on their face after the event.

What if I have shot a gun before and I just didn't bring one?
Then be polite and bring ammunition, food, or both :P

Should I carpool from the hotel to the range?

Where should I leave all my political opinions?
At the fucking door of your house. Seriously.

Is there a chance of the SWAT team showing up? I heard something about that.
Nope. Those days are over. ;)

Will there be a barbeque afterwards?
It depends on how much time is left after shooting. This has varied from year to year.

Why don't the links in the navigation bar ever work?
That's a good question.